Yo yo, Phil here. The Christmas tree went up last night although not without a learning curve. Let’s just say that a six foot tree needs a lot more than a single eighteen foot string of lights. Lookin pretty good right now though! We went with the red and silver number decked with balls, beads and tinsel, all lit up by three, yea THREE strings of lights. So 2-3 inches of snow rolled in this morning too. The only time I’ve gone out today was to get Tracee some Diet Dr Pepper from the truck — fun stuff. Bella (the cat) also enjoyed jumping up on the snow-covered deck railing several times and running for the door in fear of the white fluffy stuff at others. Ok I’m done, Tracee’s turn! Oh, and the Seahawks won, can you believe it?

Yes, our tree is up and I love it! I think we did a pretty good job for our first time and there are even some presents under it and it made it through one night without being knocked down by cats! Bella has been enjoying the snow though, so that’s been fun. I’ve watched lots of Christmas movies today and have lots more on DVR which I’m sure Phil is super excited about! Anyway, best get back to them, and also to work – the snow has caused some major issues for some of the stuff we support so that’s always fun. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow and staying safe!