It’s been a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Congratulations go to Tracee’s brother Ian and his wife Carrie, who just had their second baby. A new girl named Charlie, whose May 27th birthday is just two days before her cousin Alexis’ May 29th birthday. A shout-out to Eric and Chrissy who threw a great 1 year BBQ birthday party for Alexis, complete with water-chestnuts wrapped with bacon, authentic Oregon-Trail recipe biscuits with strawberry jam, and ladybug, balloon and butterfly cakes.

Tracee and I had a few nice walks around prospective neighborhoods in our search for a home with more room than our current 2 bedroom condo. More room we are planning on filling with a new baby! Tracee has a nice little volleyball belly that we have started to see more kicks from. Less than four months now until Lil’ Hiller is born — it’s going pretty fast, and from what I hear, life will change a lot. We’re now enjoying the calm before the baby.

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Feeling LOST before the premiere of the final season of LOST? I am. I’m so confused, I don’t even remember what I’m confused about.

Tracee turned me to Ack Attack for common questions people want answers about:

Here’s some more questions that I’m still unclear about while watching the recap that aired tonight (2/2/10 8-9PM PST):

  1. Why do people see visions of dead relatives when on the island; as if they conjure up things from their imagination?
  2. What’s up with Jack’s dad Christian when he shows up to Locke and Jack on the island, and to Jack on the mainland after returning from the island?
  3. What is the smoke monster, exactly?
  4. What are the whispers on the island?
  5. Why does the island disappear, but yet it appears that everyone on the island is simply displaced in time, and the island stays in the same place? Does it cease to exist from that point forward, or move to a different location?
  6. On the second plane crash back to the island, why did some go into the future and some into the past?
  7. What was the “loophole” Jacob’s nemesis found so that he got into Locke’s body?
  8. What’s up with Jacob’s contact with Oceanic survivors, and how his touch magically brings them back to life?
  9. Jacob’s last words to Locke [Jacob’s nemesis] before Ben kills him are “they’re coming.” Who’s coming?

And here’s some more questions after watching the premiere that aired tonight — as you’d expect, right? (2/2/10 9-11PM PST)

  1. How did the island get under water?
  2. Are there two time lines going in parallel now? (1) The group getting to LAX in 2004, and (2) the group in 2007 after the bomb goes off in 1977?
  3. Why can’t the smoke monster get past a ring of ash?
  4. Is there significance to Jack’s dad’s coffin gone missing? Or Locke’s knives?
  5. Where was the temple all this time, and the new people there?
  6. What’s up with the river that Sayid gets put into, and how does he come back to life after being dead?
  7. More background on [ John Locke | Jacob’s nemesis | smoke monster ] please. Including why he wants to go home, and where/when that is, and his history with Richard and Richard’s chains?

Looking forward to getting some answers this season, finally!

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So the superbowl was fun. Meatballs, little smokies, and a pretty sweet game on Ken’s projection screen. Was rootin’ for the Cards, but alas they couldn’t finish ’em off. Great game though — at least they beat the spread.

Tracee’s favorite ads were the Doritos crystal ball (ouch!), the giant moose head and butt on the other end of the wall for Monster, and the Career Builder one with the lady screaming and hitting her steering wheel to a pulp and punching the koala. I liked the Hulu ad with Alec Baldwin, E*Trade’s talking and singing babies, and the Doritos “Power of the Crunch”.. lovely.

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Yo yo, Phil here. The Christmas tree went up last night although not without a learning curve. Let’s just say that a six foot tree needs a lot more than a single eighteen foot string of lights. Lookin pretty good right now though! We went with the red and silver number decked with balls, beads and tinsel, all lit up by three, yea THREE strings of lights. So 2-3 inches of snow rolled in this morning too. The only time I’ve gone out today was to get Tracee some Diet Dr Pepper from the truck — fun stuff. Bella (the cat) also enjoyed jumping up on the snow-covered deck railing several times and running for the door in fear of the white fluffy stuff at others. Ok I’m done, Tracee’s turn! Oh, and the Seahawks won, can you believe it?

Yes, our tree is up and I love it! I think we did a pretty good job for our first time and there are even some presents under it and it made it through one night without being knocked down by cats! Bella has been enjoying the snow though, so that’s been fun. I’ve watched lots of Christmas movies today and have lots more on DVR which I’m sure Phil is super excited about! Anyway, best get back to them, and also to work – the snow has caused some major issues for some of the stuff we support so that’s always fun. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow and staying safe!




Yo yo! Phil here of! Tracee and I went to the grotto in Portland tonight which was great! Lots of lights, and weird looking kids singing in the choir. A little chilly, but of course it’s supposed to snow tomorrow night for the first time this year.. 2 to 6 inches supposedly. Ok, now Tracee’s turn.

Hey hey! Just chillin here watching some tv Christmas movie..woohoo! And not sure I have too much else to say, although we are watching Sassy right now and he has plenty to say! Tomorrow we are off to get our Christmas tree and decorations and stuff..should be interesting. I’m not sure about this snow talk, but we’ll see. Ladle!