It’s been a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Congratulations go to Tracee’s brother Ian and his wife Carrie, who just had their second baby. A new girl named Charlie, whose May 27th birthday is just two days before her cousin Alexis’ May 29th birthday. A shout-out to Eric and Chrissy who threw a great 1 year BBQ birthday party for Alexis, complete with water-chestnuts wrapped with bacon, authentic Oregon-Trail recipe biscuits with strawberry jam, and ladybug, balloon and butterfly cakes.

Tracee and I had a few nice walks around prospective neighborhoods in our search for a home with more room than our current 2 bedroom condo. More room we are planning on filling with a new baby! Tracee has a nice little volleyball belly that we have started to see more kicks from. Less than four months now until Lil’ Hiller is born — it’s going pretty fast, and from what I hear, life will change a lot. We’re now enjoying the calm before the baby.

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